The Importance of A WSO To The Internet Marketer

This article takes a look at the importance or relevance of a WSO to the internet marketer especially the newbie or beginner. This write up is written based on the experience of the writer with his WSO so experience views may differ among online marketers.

What Is WSO

WSO for internet marketing beginners

WSO is the acronym for warrior special offer. It is a service offered by the warrior forum, the largest internet marketing forum on the internet globally. A WSO is used as a platform for the forum members to sell their services termed as a special offer to other forum members but in the real sense to the world at large as we shall see in its advantages below.

The warrior forum serves as a gateway for payment to be made in a secured checkout manner. Most of these services offered on this forum are if a very low price which gives affordability to many people.

So what are the advantages of launching a WSO?

First is what I consider as the search engine visibility feature. Most searches in the search engines usually return results of the warrior forum as the top results in the SERPs. This means that the warrior forum platform is well optimized for search engines hence the return of its results in the SERPs. In fact many internet marketers utilize this opportunity to write reviews on products because such reviews on the warrior forum ranks higher than other reviews in the search engines results. So when launching a WSO, know that it is search engine friendly therefore remember to optimize it properly with your right keywords to enable it appear in search results. This will definitely give you the free traffic that you have desired.

Second is its simplicity (newbie friendly). What I mean by this is that anyone can put up a WSO on the warrior forum. In fact, it is a good place to start your internet marketing journey when you've not gotten any email list to promote offers. The only thing I have to say concerning this is that you should try to make a good offer that you will not regret if you buy it yourself, that is provide value for money.

Another reason why I say it is beginner friendly is that it integrates with one of the auto responders that offers 1000 free email subscription without providing credit card details and also not a trial period that it will end. This will definitely give you the opportunity to start building your email list once you start making sales. The best part is that even if you don't integrate any auto responder the leads (emails) of your customers are stored in your members area for you so you can download anytime and add them to any auto responder of your choice that offers free service. Go here to read my article on autoresponders for newbies.

Third is traffic exposure. Like I said earlier in this article, warrior forum is the largest online internet marketing forum. This is likely to give you a little bit of traffic if not much because there are always people who are looking for one thing or the other on the forum especially those in the make money online niche. With my personal experience even though my WSO was removed from the WSO section to the classified ads section, that was where I made my first sale online and I never regret spending the $20 on it because over time I have made it over my initial investment. Thought many persons have recorded tremendous success with WSOs I want you to be cautious because many may tend to over hype and exaggerate things for you.

If you offer genuine products it will also reduce your refunds rate because people might ask questions before making the choice to purchase. It also gives you the opportunity to engage with your prospective customers before they actually become one. I can't stress enough that you need to be sincere and genuine if you want to last longer in online business.

Fourth is that the forum charges the lowest rate per sale. This is one big reason why I consider the WSO as my number 1 option to sell my product. When compared to other selling platforms, their rate is the lowest.

the importance of warrior special offer (wso)

In conclusion, if you are new to internet marketing without affiliates to promote your products then this is a good place to start because of the organic traffic and the site traffic itself. All you have to do is make the right offer and there are people ready to buy from you. In doing this remember to offer good value for money, something that you will not regret buying it yourself.

However, do remember that it is not free to launch a WSO as you might have noticed above, it costs $20 to do so.

I hope this was informative, however your thoughts and contributions are much welcome in the comments below.


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