The Disadvantages of Retargeting

advantages of retargeting  What is retargeting?

  Retargeting in internet marketing is a process where a      person who visited your website or any web page is reengaged at  a later time elsewhere on the internet. It is a technology that  enables you to follow your websites visitors around the internet  wherever they go. This is achieved by placing a code or pixel on your website or web page that then leaves a cookie in their browser.

This also collects anonymous information from you based on your browsing behavior which will enable the retargeting companies to provide you with relevant similar offers. The reason for this is that it is estimated that only about two percent of visitors to your website for the first time usually makes purchase and 98 percent of them are likely to leave without making a purchase, there with retargeting pixel on your web page, they can be re-engaged with similar offer. Almost all advertisement companies have this technology put in place so you have to place that company’s pixel on your website to effect it. The most notable companies include: Google, Facebook, Yahoo/Bing, etc.

Major advantages of retargeting.

There are many advantages associated with retargeting. One of such advantage is that it can establish your brand. What this means is that when first time visitors to your site keeps seeing your offer around them on the internet over and over again, they then identity you with that brand.

Another benefit and also the most perceived advantage so far is that retargeted ads are cheaper. Most people doing retargeting use pay per click instead of pay per mileage. With pay per click in retargeting you get more return on your investment since you only pay for any click on your ad and it is likely that only people who are likely to take action will click on your ad because they have seen it before. It therefore reduces your cost of advertisement while increasing your return on investment.

Retargeting vs remarketing.

Simply put retargeting is used for remarketing, that is the whole essence of retargeting. what this simply means is that the tracking pixel or code placed on your webpage enables you to remarket to your site visitors

The downside of retargeting

That being said, does it mean that retargeting does not have it's disadvantages? Let's start by asking yourself this question: haven't you seen a product that you have already purchased over and over again on the internet?

Or haven't you seen an advertisement of a company that that you frequently use almost all the time over and over on the internet?

The disadvantages of facebook retargeting to your business

If your answer is yes then what is the real essence of retargeting?

Was it not meant to show an offer or re-engage someone who visited your website and does not take action?

That should have been the true essence of this retargeting thing. Though services that you frequently use can also use this medium to showcase their old customers of new products and offers this is rarely the case with smaller companies. Until the retargeting companies and services devise a means or an option to retarget only people who did not take action and not everyone who visited your website, there still remains a lot to be done; this does not mean it is not a lucrative means of advertising, of course the good outweigh the downsides.


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