Spin Rewriter v6.0 Review With Over 1 million PLR Articles Bonus. 

There are article spinners and there is an article spinner; that article spinner is "spin rewriter v6.0". I decided to make this review because of my experience with this software. Most marketers make recommendations based on sales pages even when they have not used the product. In this review and others that I make on this blog are based on experience not just testing so I'll be able to give you my unbiased view (both positive and negative)


There are lots of article spinners, most of them are free while some are paid. As a content marketer, I have used several of the free spinners; while some are of average quality some are nothing to go by.

Spin rewriter v 6.0 with over 1million plr articles bonus
Spin rewriter v 6.0 with over 1million plr articles bonus

I have seen this spin rewriter before in my search for article spinners but never gave a thought on using since it is a paid service, but things turned around when they recently launched the version 6.0 that offers a free trial for 5 days.

During my free trial period I noticed the great difference between what I was using and this tool. It has features that makes it stand out from all other article rewriters on the internet.

Though it might be useful to outline the features it has but am guessing you probably know what article spinner or rewriter does. Even at that permit to state the following:

Unique Abilities And Qualities Of Spin Rewriter V6.0

First, is the unique readability of content produced: The articles produced by this spinner is incomparable to any other content produced by other article rewriter software I have ever used. This is not a fluke statement; I can't use spun content made by other spinners on some of the blogs I make because they do not add quality to the blog and blog readers. It is easy for any reader to quickly identify or notice that what they are reading is spun content and that is a straight turn off.

The reverse is the case with this spin rewriter, it's articles are more readable and difficult to deduce that it is a spun content. With other spinners you have to edit the content again to make it look more naturally written but I do not seem to see any need to edit an article spun by spin rewriter for a second time before using it on your blog. This is a big plus to anyone who wants to start a new blog or website and populate it with fresh content in order to give it initial search engine boost.

When the articles are passed through plagiarism checker, it gives you above 85% uniqueness, the other 25% might be from two lines of content out of a 1,500 words article which you can even decide to remove.

The second most important feature of spin rewriter is it's ability to generate thousands of unique content articles with one click. Despite the unique readability of the articles, the thousands of articles it generates are still unique and readable. This feature is particularly important for PBNs when you want to use a single article for several PBNs and still leave no trace of duplication.

This feature of also gives you the ability to use a single article that you have written to submit to hundreds of original and unique article to article directories. This alone is huge time saver on the part of the content marketer because as you know, article directories will not be willing to accept duplicate content when you submit your article.

In case you are still in doubt of the essence of this feature like I never realized, be it known to you that it is a way to gain backlinks and traffic to your site. There are lots of services that offer article submissions to article directories that will enhance the visibility of your site to the search engines.

Here are some services that will submit your articles to article directories:

Source Market Special Offer here This is my first choice before adding the rest.




Third, it's API has been used by several developers to enable internal spinning of articles. This adds to the uniqueness of the software.

The Cons Of Spin Rewriter

One thing I don't like about the software is that it is stated on the sales page that it has the ability to fetch articles directly from its database of content but sincerely speaking that is a separate paid services. If you're not subscribed to that service, that feature will not work as advertised.

My Special Bonus of 1.2 Million PLR Articles

Spin rewriter special bonus

Here is where my special bonus comes in. I have a collection of database of over 1.2 million PLR articles that cuts across 1,000 niches. This package currently sells for $28.97 but you can have it for free if you pick up spin rewriter through my link on this page.

It's a special deal for my blog readers. I know that you can still buy it and still make good use of it without the bonus but I don't want you to start scraping contents that might land you in a law suit for content stealing that is why I am offering this special bonus to you today, though I might decide to remove this bonus anytime soon.

This is how to claim your bonus: The spin rewriter software offers a 5 day free trial, so when you sign up for the trial, I will be alerted and when you finally decide to continue with the tool and eventually pay for it, I will also receive an alert.

Email me the receipt of your payment from PayPal after your five day free trial ends. To claim your bonus of 1.2 million PLR articles that currently sells for $28.97 send and email to (imgeneral162@gmail.com) and you will receive instructions on how to redeem your bonus. After your email, I will set up a new coupon that is special to you so each person's code will be different. This bonus will enable you to skip the other service up sell that is attached to the software. This alone is valuable to your content marketing strategy, having such a database of plr content.

As a second choice, in case you don’t want to pick up the spin rewriter and it's free trial that is made available, you can still get a discount on the over 1 million plr database for reading this post to this extent. Here is where to get it. at a reduced price.

How To Use Spin Rewriter In The Best Way: Spin Rewriter Best Settings

How to use spin rewriter v6.0. Instructions on how to use spin rewriter

In order to get the ENL spinning settings that generate the highest-quality unique and readable spun content, here is how I do it:

Step 1: I enable both the paragraph and the sentence level spinning options. I also check the "change the entire structure of phrases and sentences" option.

Step 2: before I click the One-Click Rewrite button I usually select the "low risk" setting. This allows the tool to only use the BEST available synonyms in my sentences.
When it comes to the One-Click Rewrite settings in Step 2, I also enable "multi-level nested spinning". This helps create spun articles that are even more unique because it also spins the words inside PHRASES, not just the phrases themselves.
Once I'm all done with spinning my article in Step 2, I continue to the final step.
Step 3: this is the final step where I switch the "further improve uniqueness" option to "YES" and I make sure that the "I want Spin Rewriter to use only synonyms and no original words whenever possible" option is also checked.
This way, my unique articles are generated using only the new synonyms and phrases that had been suggested by Spin Rewriter.
All words, all phrases, even all sentence structures that appeared in my original article are now replaced by brand new ones!

As I said spin re-writer software is 100% unique. Top quality, and perfectly readable content is guaranteed! Super simple. And yet so powerful.

This is not something that you would want to miss out if you are really serious about content marketing considering the numerous special features I have stated above.


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