Profit Console vs Profitcanvas – The Similarities and Differences In Prices and Quality

Profit console is a new product that will be launched that mimics the idea of profitcanvas but profit console is sold at a such a price that is highly unimaginable and might be unaffordable to most people looking for a training on how to earn a living online.

This article will be taking a look at the similarities, differences and relationships between profit console and profit canvas both of which are internet marketing platforms that offer all in one training and software suits that will enable you profit online. Before I continue it is suffice to say that profit console derived its name from profit canvas which launched before it.

Every now and then new products are launched; most of such products are just a rebranding of already existing ones. In fact, many master mind groups and coaches who make their clients pay high amount of money in order to join such coaching groups teach you how to do this effectively by looking at existing products and rebranding them in a unique way then launch again. Hence, there seem to be a recycling of rebranded ideas and software in the internet marketing niche that is why if you are not careful you will end up buying the same software and training under different names. That is what profit console just did, it copied the idea of profitcanvas and being launched at a very high price with lots of promises attached to it such as being able to make money within 24 hours of purchase. I am sure this is not the first time that you will hear a product making such promises.

What is Profitcanvas?

Profitcanvas is an internet marketing platform that integrates everything that you need in order for you to be successful online. It includes quality training that is made by top Internet marketers (product creators) and affiliate marketers who show you behind the scenes of how they are making it and earning their income online.


Not only does it provide the training, it also provides all the tools and software that makes everything they teach possible. More so, premium software that you can sell or use for list building are also included. This is a complete Internet marketing suite built by an Internet marketer who is a software developer, so everything you need to succeed online is integrated within the system so that you will not have to buy anything outside it again.

Best of all, it does not come with the high price tag that similar software comes with. Profit canvas is a complete marketing suit that was designed after a complete marketing model of veteran internet marketers. The system taught in profitcanvas is never complicated, it has a step-by-step process that you can go from step A to step B. You can check it out here and you can use coupon code SPECIALOFF to get a discount.

What is profit console?

Profit console is also similar to profit canvas discussed above. It is a platform that promises to give you both training and software tools that will enable to make money online on complete auto pilot.

A look at the jv page and the prices available for affiliates tells me one thing, many affiliates are going to promote this heavily. I decided to write about it because of the cost price. There are many instances where people bought expensive training and software tools only to be disappointed. 
Being expensive does not mean it is top quality and does not mean it is going to make you money on auto pilot even though it promises you that it will. Profit console promises you that you are going to start making money in as little as 24 hours. You can get similar quality training and premium software tools in a complete suite at just a fraction of the price here. Do me a favour and save yourself the shock of disappointment because I am talking from experience. However, if you want to experience it firsthand hand then you can go ahead and test the waters.

What Is My Verdict On Getting Profit Console or Profitcanvas?
We are in a period of the online marketing niche where everyone is trying to make money through selling high ticket offers, both product creators and affiliates because that is where the money is, but you don't have to buy an expensive training or software in other to start profiting online.

A dissatisfied customer who bought a high ticket product and training at $2,997 was lamenting on a forum that he is considering asking for a refund because after he bought it he found out he has to spend more money on traffic in order to build his list.

These are some of the hidden elements that you are never told before making a purchase because they make you believe that the only thing you need is the product they are selling at that time. Worst still, affiliates who will never use the product and will never spend their money to buy such products will start blasting you with emails asking you to buy just because of the huge commission that they will get from your purchase.

Finally, all I can say is that, profit console is one of those high ticket offers that is going to be highly promoted because of the commission it pays and the bonuses made available to affiliates who promote it. Imagine being promised a car and golds and large sums of cash in prizes ranging up to $50,000 for promoting an offer, what do you think the promotion will look like. Everyone is up for profit both as a vendor (product creator) and affiliates.

You now have two options:

Given the analysis between profit console and profitcanvas the choice is now yours to decide.

Option 1 – You can decide to continue to buy the expensive courses and training and hope to become successful. This method works. And the effort is totally worth it. But it would you take a HELL a lot of time and money to figure it out because they still expect you to pay more money for more courses.

But there is another option.

Option 2 – You learn everything from a guy who is ALREADY killing it in the internet/affiliate marketing field and whose students are killing it too. And you also learn all the tested and tweaked processes of this guy (action plans, templates, tools, etc) and you use that to build a real internet business. How’s that for a deal? Learn more here >>>> by reading this report or go directly here to check out this awesome all in one tool

I leave the rest for you to explore for yourself when you decide to take action today, and since you have read this article to this end, I know that you’re really serious so use this coupon code: SPECIALOFF to get a special discount so go ahead and click here while the offer still last.

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