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no monthly fee auto responderOne thing that I usually run away from in the internet marketing niche is a service that involves monthly subscription.

You might not know when your monthly subscriptions with various services will soar through the roof if you're not careful, this is why I try as much as possible to refrain from using such services.

Unfortunately all autoresponder services available on the internet offer their services through monthly payments. In fact it is best for these services to do it that way because of ongoing maintenance.

But what if there is a way to bypass these monthly payments saga and have your own unlimited and unrestricted autoresponder system? That is what I want to present to you.

CLICK HERE TO SEE IT YOURSELF This autoresponder is a script that is installed on your server that enables you have total control of the service. It offers all the services that the big names such as getresponse, aweber, constant contact, etc offer. The best part is that it offer it for a single payment, that is there is no recurring monthly payments afterward.

Cost saving auto responder, a new idea In Auto Responders services

However let me make it clear that this script is installed on your server so you will need a web host in other to get it to work. My advice to you is that you get a good hosting so that you will not encounter the difficulties I had when setting mine up. The cheapest and good host that is good for this is hostgator.

They offer different packages that are affordable to anyone with any type of need. More so, they usually offer a monthly 60 - 75 % discount on all new hosting. This is the advantage I had when I made my choice and I would like you to make use of that opportunity too to save a huge amount of cash.

Also if you are making use of this advantage of huge discounts ensure that you register your account for the highest length of time available.

If you want to be personally notified when hostgator are offering their monthly discount sales then enter you email below so that I will notify you when the offer becomes available. I am here to help you minimize your costs for you.

So what are the qualities and feature of this no monthly fee autoresponder?

  1. As earlier stated there are no monthly recurring payments, its a single payment.
  2. All features of all autoresponder are included.
  3. You have total control of your service because it is installed on your own personal server.
  4. You can automate everything.
  5. Unlimited and unrestricted usage
  6. Build unlimited number of list
  7. It comes with a bonus of squeeze page, sales page and landing page builder so you don't have to worry about building your list again since you already have a hosting.


So in conclusion what do I think of this service? All I can say is that it is going to save you money especially if you intend to be aggressive in your email building systems. Attempt one of those paid services and you will notice that your monthly payments increases as your list grows, but with this service, you don't need to worry about increase in  monthly payment.

So, the ball is in your court now to take action and save yourself from monthly payments of autoresponders.

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