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How to earn and make money online working from home and create a successful online income: how to make money online fast working from home

I wished there was someone who could tell me these things when I was starting out.... Things would have been a lot different. Earning a living through online income is the best thing that can happen to anyone and the best way to achieve this successfully is following someone who is actually making money online and making a living through an online income stream; and who is also ready to give you all the necessary tools to start. - Lissa.

In a world where job security is not sure, one of the dreams of anyone is to have a stream of income that is secured outside the normal circular working environment. This can be achieved through different types of investment if you have the money to invest which may include shares and physical properties. However, you and I know how fast the world is becoming an internet environment hence a lot of people are turning to the internet to earn a living because they have created a successful stream of online income. The good news is that there's so much money that can be made over the internet.

I know that you're already aware of that fact and you have heard a lot of people brag about how they're earning a steady stream of income on the internet while working a few hours from home. This is the dream of many people but unfortunately that dream is quickly shattered when you start diving into into the system. Why? Because many people have taken advantage of the system and came up with several unethical programs that are set to only make their  victims frustrated and feel like making money online is the hardest thing ever.


Why do people fail to make money online?

Learn how to make money online fast and earn a living through an online income

97% of people who attempted to make some sort out income online end up feeling frustrated and quit along the way; and this gives them the impression that making money online is an illusion. They jump in and hit the brick wall and what happens next? They say earning an income online is for scammers; that the only way to earn a residual income is to invest in shares or landed properties.

You can’t make your first $10,000 or more per month if you don’t think you have the skills or plan to achieve that. Ask every top earner or successful marketer and they will tell you that they KNEW that they had the skills/plan to achieve that goal way before they actually achieved it.

This is way different from mindlessly dreaming about having a 6 or 7 figure business without developing the skills or having the slightest clue about how you are going to achieve it. In the real business world, planning and skill development trumps everything.


How will you get to this mark and how will you take your business to the next level in the online marketing niche?

It's time to create your online income success story working from home. Learn the best way to make money online fast and how to make money online from home

Its simple: Seek out and surround yourself with people who are more successful than you are.

That is what I have always done and I will always do it again and again. That’s the ONE THING that has helped me consistently scale up my business and take quantum leaps which has allowed me to be where I am today. When you are surrounding yourself with people who play the game at a higher level, something magical happens:

#1 – You feel whatever you have achieved till now is a joke. But in a positive way. You get more hungry and you feel like you can do sooo much more. Its NOT all about money. Its about accomplishment and wanting to go to the next level.

#2 – You learn how to take a quantum leap in your business (it may be via learning actual strategies or how to structure/plan your business better or how to increase your productivity).

At the end of the day, people who mean business… mean business. They don’t day dream or spout idiotic motivational crap. They make solid plans and strategies and work out ways to execute them all. And when you surround yourself with people of that kind, it RUBS OFF ON YOU.

Let me give you a good example.

Have you ever seen people hanging out on forums, blogs and Facebook all day bitching about why they can’t be successful and how the IM market is saturated and how everything is a scam. Those people aren’t going anywhere because they just feed off each other’s failure and negativity.
On the other hand, there are other marketers who may be struggling but they seek out others who have been successful, get their guidance and constantly work to achieve success. And I have seen with my own eyes, the second set (the struggling marketers) go from absolute failure to EVENTUAL success. Learn more  here>>>>>

So my advice is if you are struggling, its fine. Just don’t go to the dark side. Surround yourself with people who are actually making sales and getting results and making a living through actual online income. You will soon see a shift in the way you play the game too. Here is where my recommendation comes in (check it out here)

The Big Major Mistake Of Internet Marketers, Online And Affiliate


So what’s that mistake? The mistake is… Most people may talk a good game but deep down they fail to realize that HOPE IS NOT A STRATEGY. You may probably be thinking “Duh. What the hell does that mean? Of course hope is not a strategy. You surely aren’t going to preach me about not trying to blindly hope, are you?” If you are thinking in those lines, then wait there buddy.

The beauty of this mistake is that most people think they never make it yet they almost always do. Allow me to elaborate and you will see the impact of this:.

There are 2 kinds of people out there who try something out and hope that it clicks.

The first kind of people are those who simply look for the easiest solution to earn an online income. Their approach has no scope for testing or tweaking or improvement. It’s a boom or bust strategy. For example, they buy traffic and send it to their affiliate link as it is. If they make sales, then its time for celebrations. If they don’t, then its all dejection and sadness.


This type of approach is akin to blindly hoping for success. And more often than not, this approach fails and these people get dejected and quit and they start thinking that they can't make or earn an online income. That’s the first kind of people in the internet marketing setting.

The second kind of people are those who GENUINELY work hard and create something but they expect it to work or else everything is over. For example, these people would create a webinar or write an email or create an info product or a sales page or a pre-sell page and expect it to work great the first time. If it does, then its time for celebrations. If it doesn’t, they keep driving traffic HOPING THAT IT SOMEHOW works.

Trust me when I say this: I have lost count as to how many people simply get CRUSHED and GIVE UP once they find that their hard work done ONCE doesn’t (quite) get the results they want. Success is NOT about talent or mindless slogging (though work ethic matters a lot). Its about finding what works and doing it.

First, you need to KNOW what you are doing before you can test stuff. You need to know what is working according to industry standard and is based on proven system.

Now you have 2 options going forward to succeed in your internet marketing business:

Option 1 - You can learn everything through courses and then do the testing and tweaking yourself to become successful. This method works. And the effort is totally worth it. But it would you take a HELL a lot of time and money to figure it out.

But there is another option.

Option 2 – You learn everything from a guy who is ALREADY killing it in the internet/affiliate marketing field and whose students are killing it too. And you also learn all the tested and tweaked processes of this guy (action plans, templates, tools, etc) and you use that to build your internet and affiliate business. How’s that for a deal? Learn more here >>>>

The Big Lie In The Create An Online Income and Marketing Niche

You see, there is a LIE that has been peddled for long in the internet marketing space. A lie that holds back good honest hardworking entrepreneurs who work hard but still find it almost impossible to get ahead and make an online income a possibility. What’s the LIE? Its simply this: “Entrepreneurship should be HARD”. I think it’s kind of sad when people post on Facebook about working 18 hours a days, about never having a day off, about struggling and “hustling” all day and all night just to make a dollar.



It does not have to feel like torture. It does not have to be a 24/7 hustle where you don’t have a semblance of a life outside your work/business. If you are struggling and struggling and struggling and seeing no results, I can bet my bottom dollar that you probably are doing something wrong. That’s the issue. Not that making money online is hard.
If you think deep down that building an online business shouldn’t feel like mission impossible and you feel like there SHOULD be a way where you can get results in a much easier manner…. Then simply click the free download button below to download my Free report that teaches you the three step you need to create a successful income online. The report also provides all the tools you need to start to create your online success story.


A free step by step guide on how to create a successful online income working from home. Follow this three steps formula in this guide to create your online success story

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