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Post To Multiple Groups With Facebook Group Auto Poster

You now have the chance to win our new proprietary facebook group auto poster  software suit. We all know that posting in Facebook groups is one of the ways that the free traffic gurus always taught as a way of getting free traffic when you buy the free traffic courses that usually claim heaven and earth. This was usually done with the help of software that post to groups automatically such as facebook auto poster.

Unfortunately, because of abuse Facebook stopped automatic group posting hence all the software, robots and apps that did that became obsolete. So people that joined thousands of groups like me were frustrated because they were unable to post to all these groups. Even if you tried posting to all these groups you know the amount of time involved to navigate to each group, write and make your post. All hopes for Facebook group posting automation was lost, but now we are back with a brand new system that post to multiple Facebook groups without appearing that it was posted by an app.

We are presenting the The #1 FB Group Posting Software. How to Build Massive List, Kickstart Viral Traffic, Drive Ecommerce Sales, and Promote Anything Completely For Free with FACEBOOK Group Poster Software.

Getting good content alone cannot help if nobody is actually seeing your vital content post. Most people do not have sufficient audience to see their posts, and this is why their posts never go viral. FACEBOOK Group Poster allows you not only to send product promotions but also to kickstart your viral traffic by strong push of your viral content to be seen by massive audience.


manually posting to all your groups individually.

If you are into thousands of groups like me then FACEBOOK auto poster software will relieve you from tedious, repeating, extremely time consuming task so you can do something else, while software is promoting for you.
It is very important to notice that we offer the software for legitimate group post automation to groups, which members are encouraged to post too, like sale groups, and all other groups inviting content. However, we advice that please be mindful and always follow particular group rules.

Technology behind the software Facebook Auto Poster (High Tech


FACEBOOK Group Poster is a software which automates web browser but it is not a web browser extension.
Because we did not want to slow down your normal web browser, or force you to keep it opened, we have developed Group Poster as stand alone desktop application with build in fully-fledged internal web browser.
It also means that there is no any Facebook app needed for the software to work. Group Poster software allows you to post to unlimited Facebook groups, including but not limited to sale groups.

You can organize your thousands of groups into sub-groups called broadcast profiles:

It also allows you to organize your groups into broadcast profiles, which allows you to easily send separate promotions matching target audience interest. So, if you joined groups in different niches you only need to organize all the groups in the same niche into one broadcast profile so that you can now post niche specific messages to those groups only. That has never been possible with previous apps and software. With fb Autoposter all the groups that you are a member are saved & categorized!
You will never have to check groups one by one & don't need to worry about posting into unwanted groups!
Best part you can create unlimited categories & add unlimited groups. For posting just choose categories & start posting to all your categorized groups.

FACEBOOK Group Poster Ease of Use and Broadcast (No account set up required)

Using this facebook auto poster tool is simple; Create your message, select your organised broadcast groups if you have already organised them, click start, and have your promotion broadcast to hundreds or thousands of Facebook groups you participate in.
This is how easy it is to broadcast marketing messages for your products or affiliate offers to be seen by an audience of tens of thousands of people in Facebook groups on a daily basis.

The Simplest fb auto posting system to use: You open Group Poster, login to your Facebook account, create your message, select broadcast profile and click start; and the Facebook auto poster gets to work!

After that software starts doing exactly what you would do manually in a web browser, but without you having to actually do all that manually.
For example, in order to post to hundreds of groups you would have to navigate to the first group, which with hundreds of groups on your account, is time consuming by itself, then create your message, then post, and then do the same over and over again for each group while paying attention what to post to which group.
After you finish you would have to do the same the next day. Now this software takes all that tedious work away

Post Looks Real and Genuine - No Automated Post Stigma (Post

appear as if you made it yourself)

The posts that are made with FACEBOOK Group Poster does not carry any sign that it was posted by someone using an app like most recent posting software do. Even if FACEBOOK Group Poster is an automated browser, it posts messages WITHOUT the post showing that it is an automated post, like it happens with other apps.
Because Facebook automation level is now all time high, the automated posts are now frowned upon and increasingly ignored.
In social environment like Facebook people seek interaction, content, and purchase advice from other people, not from web robots.
This is why messages showing as posted by apps are now discarded by large and fast increasing percent of Facebook users.
Messages posted by FACEBOOK Group Poster software are broadcasted without automated post stigma, which is why they command much higher attention and interaction than posts from web robots.

You know facebook autoposter will allow you to broadcast promotion for your websites to massive audience without paying for ads.

If this is something you feel will help you in your business, then you have a chance to win a copy for free. Simply hit the share button at the bottom of this page and you will see instructions on how to win a copy of this awesome software.

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