Email Marketing Tips – How often should you email your list. 

How often should you email your list of subscribers

Email marketing is no doubt the best and most lucrative means to get people to any offer of your choice without spending a dime on traffic.

How often should email your your list - Unnecessary marketing emails
How often should email your your list - Unnecessary marketing emails

In fact, when you talk of free traffic, this mode of traffic provides the best free traffic ever once you have your subscribers list. But like any other venture, this system has been greatly abused by desperate marketers who to make a quick buck from you. This article takes a look at the best email marketing tips to email your your subscribers in other to have high retention members on your list.

Sadly enough every hook and crook means have been deployed to get your email into their auto responders so they can turn you into a cash machine as many already describe the system. These practices ranges from lies to exaggerated headlines in landing pages. Some offer you their autobiography of struggles in the internet marketing niche while painting it and making it look like a superb gift that will turn your world around only for you to be disappointed after opting in. I mean we have heard a lot of those stories in free gift pdfs, webinars, etc. I want you to know that this is a new era in the internet world, such shady deals will not take you farther.

The question now is, now that you have gotten that email either genuinely or by hook and crook, how often should you email your subscribers?

Content centric versus customer centric in email marketing

Some try as much as possible to email their subscribers at least twice a day totaling up to 14 emails per week.... Come on, do you think that that subscriber is only subscribed to your list?  Some people email once a day totaling up to 7 emails per week. For these set of email marketers I bet you you are only short living your marketing life span because even you wouldn't like a marketer who emails you garbage on daily basis.

How about emailing once or twice per week? Pretty good right? Fair enough. The question now again is what type of email do you send? Push button this and push button that....? We will come to that latter. It is good that you email your subscribers regularly but not to the extent that you piss them off, you becoming a thorn in their flesh. There is a saying that when a father yells at a child at every little mistake at a point in time the child will no longer regard his father's yelling anymore because he will not be able to recognize when he has done something wrong that will warrant the yelling of his father. This is applicable to the internet email marketer; when you email too frequently, your emails becomes worthless so even when you send out an important email it will be regarded as one of the usual emails of push button this and that.

Email marketing tips

I have been on many list but there is a particular pattern of one marketer that I admire, though he sends out marketing emails, he sends them out on a particular day of the week and at a particular time. Meanwhile, not all his emails are buy buy buy, he most times send out good and quality information that will help you grow your online business. This is a good practice to hold on because people can recognize you with the type of emails you send. A notable internet marketer said he ads at least one email to his auto responder on daily basis. Does this seem reasonable? Well, You be the judge. When you email frequently without offering reasonable information that interest your subscribers you make yourself worthless and the next thing is to direct your mails to the junk folder or at times hit the unsubscribe button, that is if there is any included in the email.

What is the frequency to email your list? - Email marketing tips

So what is ideal frequency of emailing your clients or subscribers? Well, there might not be a definite answer to that question because it depends on how often you want to communicate with them and what type of information you are giving out. However, one final note is that try as much as possible to identify yourself with your emails positively so that your subscribers will be willing to open them whenever they arrive rather than mark it as spam or rather unsubscribe from your list.

Emailing once or twice a week will not be a bad idea.... And remember not to always sell sell sell... Provide good and quality content that will enhance the knowledge of your readers in one way or the other. You don't have to write these content yourself, there are lots of quality good content on the web that you can link your readers to. By so doing your readers will come to identify you as not being selfish and that you're providing value to them.

In fact, I am subscribed to a marketer who does this always and I am likely to remain on his list because of the quality links and information that he provides in his emails; he does this twice a week on specific set days and I have come to identify him with providing interesting and quality information. Tell me if I will not open his mails if I see them or even if they mistakenly end up in the spam/junk folder if I will not send it to the inbox?

Email marketing goes beyond just getting an email, it is far more than you thought if you really want to be successful. Be prepared to do your task diligently.


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