Email autoresponders for newbie and beginners. 

recommended autoresponder for beginnersI found out that when people are making recommendations in the internet marketing niche they tend to be selfish because they always think of what they will gain from giving you that recommendation or information without minding your interest. I mean they think of the commission they'll receive from the action you will take, as such they do everything possible to paint a black colour white.

In this post I make these recommendation with the intention to help you get started without costing you anything, you will understand what I am saying as you continue reading. I have no affiliate link whatsoever that will give me commission from this post

How can someone recommend getresponse autoresponder to a newbie who wants to start internet marketing when there are far better options even if though they know the limitations it has on the beginner. Don't get me wrong here, because I am not saying that getresponse is a bad autoredponder company, infact, they are one of the famous auto responders on the internet but its not the best option to be recommended to beginners.

Why do I say so? It's because they have a maximum number of 200 email sign ups during your free trial of 30 days even though it does not require a credit card details in other to use the service.

It has its advantages in that they can host your landing pages for you which will make you not to bother about buying hosting, yet any auto responder that limits its trial period to certain number of days is not the best option to recommend to a newbie in the internet marketing or online marketing niche because of other better available options.

One can only recommend this out of ignorance of the other options or just for the sake of get that commission when you register and upgrade through their link. Chances are that as a new beginner you might not even get a single sign up throughout your trial period.

So here are better options for you that do not require your credit card details, not on trial bases and has different amounts of emails sign up ranging from 1000 and 2000 email for free with unlimited monthly sending. So let's begin with the first one.


This autoresponder offers 1,000 emails sign up service free of charge to anyone without requiring a credit card or any other financial details or commitment. It is not offered as a trial period for you to start thinking that your trial will expire, you can use it as you wish as long as you're within your 1,000 limit though with certain amount of emails to be sent per month, but I don't think the number of emails sent limit to be an issue because as a beginner you might not be sending too many emails.

It also has and offers hosted landing pages. This means that if you have the right guidance you might not need to have a website at the beginning of your internet carrier to start getting leads to start making money. You can create a landing page which you can start sending traffic to and start generating leads for your business.

This is a good place to start but like I said earlier many people know this that it will be best for beginners yet they had blatantly refused to recommend it to you just because they want to sell something else to you or make a commission from your yet they claim to be wanting to help you get started online.

Why this is important to the beginner is that most auto responders, though they offer a 30 or (60 constant contact) days free trial they either limit your functions with the service or they will require your financial details to hook you down. If you are lazy like me you are likely to waste several trial periods without making a single dime. I have wasted several free trial periods with many auto responders without making a single cent from it.

However, it has a downside. The downside is that it will not allow you to automate your email sending process. One of the benefits of auto responder is its automation process. With the free version of mailchimp you can't automate the process even a welcome email after sign up is not allowed, such feature is only reserved for paid customers. Don't worry that's why I have other better options for you, I made this one first because it is among the big names and many programmers tend to integrate it with their programs. So let's move to the second option that offers  2,000 free email sign up.


Mailerlite is my second choice of auto responders for beginners. This, like the mailchimp does not give a trial period and does not also require your financial details to get started but offers you up to 1,000 email sign up. It has all the features of mailchimp but with Mailerlite you can automate your sending as well as send unlimitted emails per month  without restrictions as long as your subscribers list is within 1,000. So what are the main features of this service?

  1. It offers 1,000 email sign up.
  2. Not a free trial period and no financial details required to use it, it is totally free.
  3. Hosts your landing pages..
  4. Can automate message sending.
  5. Unlimited email sending per month. This is what separates this auto responder from the others.

Here you go, you've seen it yourself, all that is left for you is to go and have a look at the website and register but if you think that your marketing needs goes beyond 2,000 emails or 3,000 emails don't worry, there's another option for you that offers up to 5,000 emails sign up without commitment, so let’s move on.


Mailwheel is the only auto responder that has been generous enough to offer up to 2,000 subscribers without requiring any financial details from you. Best of it all is that it is not a trial offer that you will have to bother about expiration at some point in time. So, to sum it up they have all the attributes of mailerlite but the difference is that they offer up to 2,000 subscribers while mailerlite offers 1,000 subscribers with unlimited sending per month.


In conclusion as a beginner in online marketing, you need to start building an email list and the best way to start doing that without costing you a cent is to leverage free services. If only you can take advantage of mailwheel, it will help you to a great extent in your internet marketing business. I must confess that I never had this opportunity of free auto responders when I started and ended up paying for the ones that my trial period has ended with the hope that it is going to get better yet nothing was forth coming.

Another sneaky way to never pay for auto responders at all is to have two accounts with two different email addresses, this will enable you have more subscribers in the long run, but if you are really growing then you have to consider the final option suggested below which gives you a one-time fee for unlimited and unrestricted email marketing campaigns.

autoresponder without monthly fee



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