3 Internet/Digital Marketing Myths That Are Holding You Back From Succeeding

What is digital marketing myth?

A myth is a story or belief that is handed down or transferred from history that gives value and credit to the unknown. In a similar vein, a digital marketing myth is a myth that has been transferred through history and has received so much value that it becomes difficult to dispel. Most of these long held values and historical beliefs are long outdated in the digital marketing space as the internet evolves, there many digital marketing myths every where.
99% of people trying to make an income online are living in illusion and this has lead them to frustration and confusion just because they had the wrong mindset when starting up. This post therefore will look at the most common illusions that are transferred down history lane and are holding many online marketers backward in their bid to success. These are called the myths of Internet marketing and when you are beclouded by these myths and misconceptions you start looking for excuses to justify your failure and inefficiency.
It is needless to say that the world has changed rapidly and is growing in a pace that was never imagined centuries back. Virtually, everything can now be done in the comfort of your home without the need to go out. The world has come to a level where even groceries and meals can be ordered online and delivered to your doorstep within minutes. Enough of the gist of the surprise of the rapid change, but at least you get the gist.
Suffice to say that we are living in an digital age, that is why virtual workers over the internet has become possible and even more efficient. People can now earn a living working over the internet without the need of a physical location or office. In fact, a lot of people now earn more than those working tirelessly in physical offices and other white collar jobs.
While working over the internet can be very rewarding because you have more flexibility in terms of hours of work, duration of work, time of work, etc; it can also be frustrating and confusing if not done incorrectly. That is what is affecting 99% of entrepreneurs trying to earn a living online today. They have been caught up with these common myths of digital marketing and are immersed in a world of their own that makes success in online marketing practically impossible.

What Are These Digital Myths?

Digital Marketing Myths Number 1

MYTH #1: Internet marketing is a method to get rich quick without working hard. This is the most commonly held believe of many that are trying to make money online for the first. While internet marketing may the fastest way to make money, the veracity of this depends on several factors. These factors include:

  1. Getting the proper training right from the beginning which is the most important step to success.

This is so important because there are thousands of training on the internet that are nothing but BS. This area has been exploited so much that it  is even more difficult to identify or differentiate the good ones from the bad ones. Most are either too expensive or are absolute garbage that has nothing but theory to offer. Well that is not the purpose of this essay; however I have seen a solution that can be qualified as a quality and standard training that has helped to take newbies to successfully creating a steady online income stream. This is because the training does not only teach you how to make money through the exact the same method that we use today, but also gives you all the tools that you need to succeed at no extra cost, without a monthly charge to continue to use these tools, and at an affordable fee. You can learn more here about that all-in-one suite.

2. Taking action: it is not enough to learn something without putting it into practice.

Getting the latest tool or training is not enough, putting that tool into work or practicing what you have learned in the training you have bought is what matters and can make a difference.

Many people believe that they can buy a simple software and that software will start working for them on auto pilot, after all that is what was stated on the sales page. One thing that many people fail to understand in this game of make money online is that a software is like a tool that makes your work easier just a hammer is to the carpenter that makes the job of driving the nail into the wood much easier.
Because there are innovations every day as stated earlier, more tools are produced every single day, each contributing to make your journey easier. Just like many people, because I was still looking for the holy grail, I kept on buying training products and tools every single day and most of the times you are immediately disappointed after going into the members area because it is not what I had anticipated. The truth is that the tools and the training cannot go to work on their own without you putting them into action. This is how many people end filling up their hard drives with multiple software without putting them to work, especially the ones that comes as bonuses from newly launched products.

3. Getting the right tools. This is the last bit of the puzzle in trying to succeed online. It does not internet marketers toolboxmatter how many tools you have bought, as long as you are not getting the right ones, they are going to be sitting on your hard drive doing not. Of course every tool will be made to look like it's the most relevant took that you will ever need but knowing what you really want is essential. Want to get the right tools and avoid confusion, learn more here.

Digital Marketing Myths  Number 2

MYTH #2: You need all the information before you can succeed. This is another misconception that has led many prospective online marketers into the wrong direction. They want to ensure that they consume every bit of information that is in the marketplace which eventually leads to information overload. On another hand, many are suffering from half knowledge which is the most dangerous thing that can happen to anyone. Half know is dangerous and it's a disease.
You should know that you don't need all the information about digital marketing before you can succeed. Though it is hard to determine the right information today because of so many untrustworthy theoretical information, there is still hope because this is the one that I have used successfully to save myself from the syndrome of information overload and started to follow proven systems that are working right now.
In other to dispel this digital marketing myth and save yourself from either half knowledge or information overload, I would advise you check out this comprehensive training that is meant for persons from different levels of knowledge. It does not matter the level of your understanding, this is really going to help you be on your feet and start creating something tangible.

Digital Marketing Myths Number 3

MYTH #3: You don't need any income to start your online marketing because it does not require a start-up capital. This information has been peddled around for so long and it's still making waves in most of the training today. While it may be true to an extent, it is not absolutely true. It is true to an extent because working online only requires an internet connection and a computer; no physical office location is required and no physical equipments are required as well. Because virtually everyone has a Smartphone, some courses and training even say that you only need your Smartphone to start making an income online that will earn you a living. The truth is that the idea of ‘you don't need a capital to start your online business’ has ruined a lot of internet marketers because it has made them into believing and working in the wrong direction.
The Internet marketing space has tools and elements that are necessary in order to be effective. Tools like landing page, sales page and squeeze page builders; traffic, good training, email services like auto responders, website, web hosting etc. are essential to your success in the digital marketing space. While there are several platforms that integrate most of these tools into one thereby making it easy to manage everything in one places, one of such greatly recommend platforms that integrates both training and tools at very much affordable price is profit canvas. You can check it here and don't forget to use coupon code SPECIALOFF to get a discount.
The major deception in this area where many courses have been made is the area TRAFFIC. Traffic has been used to deceive many people because that is the life wire of any online business. Many people will promise you thousands of free traffic with the push of a button, believe me or not, most of such traffic are useless and will never convert a single lead. I have bought and used many push button traffic software only to find out that it was not only a waste of time but a waste of effort and money.

Though there are great sources of free traffic which I shall discuss later in another article, free traffic takes time to build, so if you want your business to grow at the speed you want then you need paid traffic, not just paid traffic but you need to learn how to do it properly and do it well through the right sources. This is where I recommend this complete suite that covers all those stuffs, check it out here.
That being said, do not be deceived you need a start up capital to be successful in Internet marketing. Though this might depend on the area of online marketing that you want to go in; if it is affiliate marketing or products creation, you need some advertising and traffic cost and some of the tools mentioned earlier above if you want to really scale up and work less.

On the other hand if you want to go into areas such as surveys, which was what I was tricked into that made me gave out my email address to series of companies in the name of filling out surveys, and today I receive loads and loads of illicit and spam emails, then you might not need a start-up capital. I can tell you that this last bit is not your intention of venturing and attempting to make money online with all its hassles.
Many people will tell you that you don't need anything else apart from what they are trying to sell to you but surely, you will soon find out that it was just a selling gimmick; a sales pitch.

Honestly, I wish I knew a little about this information before I jumped into the idea of trying to make money online. The earlier you dispel this myth the better for you. I would advice that if you want something that will help you overcome this myth and start over again on the right foot then go and check this all-inclusive training and software suite here.

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