Less Than $1 WordPress Hosting With 99.9 % Uptime

This week’s round up of the internet marketer’s lounge will be focusing on cheap WordPress hosting plans. We will be looking at various host providers that provide cheap WordPress hosting that can be used for PBNs blogs and websites in general. I focused on WordPress because majority of sites are built on this platform because of its ease of use; that does not mean that these selected hosts do not offer other website publishing platforms such as joomler, etc. All the hosting outlines here are less that $1 to host your website for a whole month.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to any of these recommendations in this list. I have no affiliate link what so ever and have no commission from any of the companies listed below. I am making this list available to anyone looking for cheap reliable WordPress hosting providers.

Most of the hosting providers provide 1$ per month to host a single website while some provide lesser amounts if you host more than one website; all these will be explored in this post as well as one that hosts for less than 50 cents per month making it $4 per year hosting plan that is perfect for PBNs and other smaller websites.

There are indeed cheap hosting plans on the internet but if you don’t know about it you are likely to make the same mistakes that newbies make when starting out.  Unfortunately, most people are aware of these cool stuffs that will help you but refuse to let you know about it and rather offer you or ask you to take up more expensive hosting companies because they are looking forward to receive a stipend or commission for those companies when you register with them.List of less than $1 (99 cents) wordpress hosting plan with 99.9% uptime

After reading this to the end you will understand what I mean and you will thank me for revealing this as a first hand user to you. I have used virtually all the hosts listed here because I build  PBNs and  I  test out what host  works best, besides I try as much as possible not to put all  my PBNs on a single host in other to avoid trace by the big  eyes of google.

Before you continue, let me clear a doubt that you might have which is ‘uptime’; you don’t have anything to worry about that because any host that am using is been monitored and I rarely get a ‘downtime’ alert, at most is a downtime of few minutes in a space of 6 months which also happens with any other hosting company that are among the big names.

Webhostface Five year Deal, Three year deal, and Life time deal

This is one of the web-hosts that offers a three year hosting plan at the cost of $59. It is one of the hosts that I use because I love hosting my websites for more years instead of hosting it on yearly basis; likewise I like registering a domain name that is equivalent to the hosting package that I am buying. There is also a five year hosting deal with this company which can be accessed here: https://www.webhostface.com/stacksocial/ (this is a five a year package at the cost of $79).

Live chat is available always in case you have any issues to sort out before and after sales. Their control panel is of super quality so you have everything other control panels have with one click installs.

One Free Domain and Free WordPress Hosting

This is another web-hosting company that is good for people hosting series of PBNs but in other for you to use it to host lots of PBNs you will need a separate email and details to achieve that aim. I say it is good for PBNs because they offer free hosting and free domain for the first year of using their service. The only cost attached to it is that they have a set up fee of $9. This is the only money you will need to pay as the initial cost for a whole year. In a sense, it is like they are covering their cost up in the set up fee. Even at that, it is much cheaper than several others out there.

Hostbandit webhosting Five year deal

This web host offers 90 cents per month if you buy for five years which gives you a total of $55 for the five years. There is no other option available to host it annually as the five year plan is the only available option. So you will need to buy a domain somewhere else and host it with them.

The package is reasonably good if not the best as it has everything every other webhost has, while some webhost offer limited bandwidth to smaller packages this host has unlimited bandwidth. I think this is the best package for website owners because it will enable you to host your website for longer period of time at a lesser and affordable fee without worrying for renewals. It also includes free emails which is a feature that most hosting providers offer as an ad-on and paid service.

In other to utilise the best out of this host, it is advisable that you buy a domain that is equivalent to the hosting years that they provide. This will give you stability of mind and also avoid yearly renewals and also enable focus on other things that will grow your business. Suffice to say that this is what I do to with most of my websites. With this host, I have never experienced a downtime that affects my site. I am saying categorically because I monitor the downtime of my sites and get the reports. At most I get a downtime of a few minutes in a whole month.

WebhostingPad WordPress Hosting

Every day, we discover new information that will better our lives and make it easier. I thought the host that I described as the best above is actually the best but I later found webhostingpad. I can now say this is the best because it offers what I have not seen any other host is offering - $1.99 per month for hosting unlimited domains. You can now agree with me that this is the best. More so, it comes with a free domain for one year. Like my usual way of doing things, I buy a domain on goddady for a minimum of five years and buy hosting of minimum of five years too. This allows me not to worry about expiration of my websites.

Longer and affordable hosting plan is one feature that I look forward to when choosing a hosting company and this gives you the ability to host even up to five years upfront. Before I forget, it also has unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage and unlimited emails. So, I would highly recommend this if you build lots of PBNs and want to save cost, however, continue reading and you might find one that will be more appropriate than my recommendation here

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Hostso 65 Cents WordPress HostingLess Than $1 WordPress Hosting With 99.9 % Uptime

This is one of the cheapest hosting plans on the internet. It offers a monthly hosting plan for a single website at the cost of 65 cents. It also offers unlimited bandwidth though it has a storage limitation of 200gb, this is not something to worry about it you are looking forward to using this as a host for your PBN. You also need not to worry about the storage space if you will not be uploading lots of images and videos on your website.

Another great feature that makes this hosting company one of the cheapest is that it gives you the option to host up to five websites at $2.07 per month. This breaks down to less than 50centts per month. It has the usual user control panel that will allow you to install your usual scripts and also use already available website templates to build your site.

Hostica  Wordpress Hosting

This is also really good because, it has a domain name registration of $1 per year plus $1 per month hosting plan. The only issue with them is that it has a setup fee of $5, so the total spending on your website will be $18 for one year; not bad for a PBN if you want them to be on different hosts right?

Linkalone WordPress Hosting for Unlimited Domains

This is also a little bit cheaper compared to other available hosting plans. For $1.99 you can host unlimited domains with 30GB of bandwidth. The higher the package, the higher the bandwidth and the web space associated to it. The down side is that it has bandwidth cap so it is good for PBNs and not for websites that might have a surge of traffic. You have the ability to register for a maximum of 2 years. Screenshot needed.

Mytruehost Three year Deal Worpress Hosting

This is my best plan ever. It offers a free domain if you buy for three years so for a total of $36 you get your website hosted for three years and a free domain name. It also offers a free id protection for the first year. This means that your registration information is protected from public view. The id protection is usually a paid ad-on service with virtually all other hosting providers but surprisingly this host offers it for free for the first year.

However, the free domain does not include a dot com, it is only a dot net, dot org and dot info domains that they will register for you. Also note that the domain name registered for you only lasts for the first year so you will have to renew it for the subsequent two years before the expiration of the three year hosting plan. Despite anything I have said about this host I love the fact that it gives me free domain name for one year and free id protection for the first ear as well.

Hobohost 90 Cents Per Month WordPress Hosting

This 90cent per month with other free stuffs such as different IP for each account but has set up fees. Though the set up fees are not something to be afraid of. Also has a limited web traffic of 20GB so it is good for PBNs. Also, you can host up to 10 website per single hosting account with the lowest package; the higher your package, the higher the number of websites that you can host.

Hostripples $1 Hosting

This also offers $1 per month hosting. It has different packages that you can chose in order to enable you host more websites. You have the ability to host up to three years in a row. You can take advantage of the $1 hosting plan to diversify your PBN hosting.

https://123systems.net [PBNs]

I have made reference to others as the cheapest host ever but remember that at the  beginning of this  article I  said  that I will be  revealing the  web host that offers a 4$ annual hosting plan.  This is therefore by far the cheapest and the best web host for PBNs. It offers $4 per year so if you have bought a domain somewhere you can easily host it here for $4/yr.

For those that are interested in building PBNs without wanting to break your bank, here is the solution for you to conveniently host your sites at a much cheaper rate with an assurance of reliability.

3ix $1 Dollar Hosting

This also offers a $1 dollar hosting per month which is = $12 per year. However, with $3 per month which is = $36/yr also includes a free domain name. The $1 plan has a limited bandwidth of 100GB which is good for PBNs and to diversify your network of websites.

Aicheapwehosting For PBNs

This webhost has also fallen among those that offer $1/m hosting with 100GB bandwidth. So with $12 per year you can host your PBN. It is good for diversifying your hosting providers for your PBN network

The choice is now yours to choose which one you think is best for you that will suit your needs. I will advise you to choose carefully and take into consideration your traffic strength. If there is any other host you think is cheap and affordable that I have not listed here, you can leave a comment below and I will look at it and add it to the list.

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